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Green Party Leader pulled a political stroke right out of Fine Gael’s playbook

Speaking in the Dáil this week Pearse Doherty said Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan broke guidelines when he pulled a political stroke, right out of Fine Gael’s playbook, by appointing his former special adviser & an ex-Green Party election candidate to the Climate Change Advisory Council without open competition.

Watch Pearse here:

Legislation to ban Zero Hours Contracts

Sinn Féin MLA Jemma Dolan has brough legislation to the Assembly to ban Zero Hours Contracts and give fairness and certainty to workers.

The bill was introduced into the Assembly this and Gemma has asked people to contact their local MLAs to ask them to support it.

Watch Jemma here:

PUP must be restored for those forced out of work due to new restrictions

The Government was forced into a u-turn this week on the issue of free antigen tests for politicians.  Speaking in the Dáil Pearse Doherty called on the government to restore the Pandemic Unemployment Payment to the original rate for those who will be forced back out of work as a result of new Covid-19 restrictions.

Watch Pearse here:

Mother and Baby Homes survivors deserve better

Speaking from Leinster House this week Mary Lou McDonald said the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes deserve better than the scheme that the Government has proposed for redress for them.

Mary Lou said Sinn Féin would use its time in the Dáil next week to ensure that the voices of the survivors are heard loud and clear.

Watch Mary Lou here:

Republican Resistance Calendar 2022

The 2022 Republican Resistance Calendar marks the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Derry and the Centenary of the Irish Civil War. In the tragic year 1922 the British government’s Partition of Ireland was consolidated with the formal establishment of the 'Free State’ in the 26 Counties and 'Northern Ireland’ in the Six Counties.

Republicans opposed this outworking of the Treaty signed in London the previous December which sharply divided the Dáil and the IRA. British pressure on the Free State led to the attack on the IRA in the Four Courts and the outbreak of the Civil War.

Fifty years later in 1972 the price of the disaster of Partition was paid on the streets of Derry as the occupying British Army murdered Irish civilians at a Civil Rights demonstration against internment without trial.

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