Facebook blocks post on German crimes against Polish children in WWII, says institute

A Polish institute says social media giant Facebook has blocked its post about German crimes against Polish children during World War II.

Photo: Radio Poland

Photo: Radio Poland Julian Horodyski

Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), which documents and seeks to prosecute crimes against the Polish nation, said its English-language Facebook account was banned last week over a post seven months ago about the Third Reich’s plans to Germanise Polish children.

The Institute said on its website that it “protests against censoring information on German crimes during World War II.”

It added that despite an appeal, its account has been disabled since Saturday morning.

The Institute said: “It must be remembered that during World War II, in so-called “Aktion Zamość” alone, the Germans took 30,000 children from their parents, sending them to camps (including a special one in Łódź) and industrial plants in Germany. Others were handed over to German families for Germanization. The crime, one of the cruellest during World War II, was among the charges against the defendants in the Nuremberg Trials.”

The Institute of National Remembrance said last month that Facebook had prevented a documentary film about a WWII Nazi German camp for Polish children from being promoted abroad.


Source: ipn.gov.pl/dorzeczy.pl

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