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Northern Election: Vote People Before Profit
The Northern election began with two main controversies: would there be a Sinn Fein First Minister and could the DUP scrap the Protocol.
There was an attempt to increase the fear factor and to rally unionists behind the DUP.
Northern elections have often been characterised as a sectarian headcount. You are supposed to vote for 'your side’ – no matter how much of a mess they have made,

The harsh reality is that Sinn Fein and the DUP have been in government together for nearly twenty years. They have been joined by the other establishment parties, the UUP, SDLP and Alliance.
None of them has a consistent record of standing up for working people. Sinn Fein MLAs said they were 'mistaken’ to vote for rent reductions, Alliance voted against giving trade unions greater freedoms. The DUP and UUP have consistently voted for privatisation.
Only the socialists in People Before Profit have spoken up for working-class interests.
On May 5th, we are urging a No 1 vote for People Begore Profit candidates who are standing in 12 constituencies. 
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Ukraine War Escalates: Stop The Madness
The war in Ukraine has entered a new and more deadly phase. NATO is sending heavy weaponry to Ukraine and Russia is cutting off gas to Poland and Bulgaria.
The US is sending another $33 billion of military equipment and other relief. That is double what they have already sent.
Russia’s foreign minister is talking about the danger of nuclear war. But Biden and the British government say that the 'bluff’ is called.
This war is total madness and working people are already paying the costs.
The World Bank is warning that we are facing the greatest price shock in fifty years. The UN food prices index already shows that food prices are at their highest since records began 60 years ago.
We need to mobilise to stop the threat of a third world war or food shortages.

Let’s stop the attacks on Irish neutrality and use it to promote a positive vision for peace. That means a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine and an end to NATO expansion.
Why Are They Looking After Aramark?
Roderick O Gormon has just admitted in the Dail that Aramark got the catering contract for Ukrainian refugees with no procurement process.

The same giant US food services company was paid €7.7 million for the operation of three direct provision centres.

This contract was subsequently deemed to have contravened procurement law. 

Yet this government is again handing out contracts to Aramark without a procurement process.

Aramark have also a contract with the National Gallery of Ireland that has been worth €7.5 million over three years.

When some of the staff voiced concern, they were told to 'think hard’ about it by Sean Rainbird, the gallery director. Artists who removed their paintings in protest were just ignored.

So why is Aramark being looked after? And why is it allowed to make huge profits on the back of refugees? 
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