End The Invasions Of Yemen And Ukraine
Defend Irish Neutrality

The eyes of the Irish public have been opened to the horrors of war as we get nightly coverage of Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities. Quite rightly, almost everyone has condemned Putin for the invasion.
But there has been barely a word about the war in Yemen. Hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered and millions are facing famine. Saudi Arabia is heavily involved and is being supplied with weapons by the US, Britain and Germany.

Instead of sanctions and condemnation, the Irish state ordered flags at Dail Eireann to fly at half-mast to mark the death of a Saudi king.

Why these glaring double standards?

Because the Irish political establishment has one key agenda: Get rid of Irish neutrality and draw this country into NATO.

They claim Irish neutrality is a hangover from the past. Hence the constant talk of the need for a 'mature conversation’. As if we were children!

Neutrality does not mean staying silent about the evils occurring in Ukraine and Yemen.

It means stating out of military alliances that are run by imperial powers who only talk about interventions when it concerns their rivals.

People Before Profit is introducing a Thirty Ninth Amendment of the Constitution (Neutrality) Bill 2022 into the Dail next week.

This seeks to explicitly insert Irish military neutrality into the constitution. This would ensure that Ireland constitutionally could not join any military alliance unless a further referendum was held, nor could the state participate in any war unless the state faces an invasion or armed attack.

  • We urge you to support the Irish Anti-War Movement protest at the Dail at 6pm Wednesday 30th March. This is a broad united gathering featuring as speakers Catherine Connolly TD, Richard Boyd Barrett TD (People Before Profit) John Brady (Sinn Fein)
  • If you want to stop war and fight the system which breeds it, then join People Before Profit by visiting our website www.pbp.ie

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