Diary of ‘Polish Anne Frank’ to be released in US

A diary of a Polish Jewish woman murdered during World War II is to premiere in the United States in September, according to reports.


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An English translation of the diary of Reni Spiegel, an 18-year-old Polish Jewish teenager who died at the hands of Nazi Germans, will be published in the United States by Penguin Books on September 19, the Dziennik daily reported. The publication is compared to the diary of Anne Frank.

Renia’s Diary: A Young Girl’s Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust was originally released in Polish in 2016 under the title Dziennik 1939-1942.

The 700-page journal portrays escapes from bomb raids, the disappearance of other Jewish families and the creation of the ghetto.

Penguin Books said the journal “is an extraordinary testament to both the horrors of war, and to the life that can exist even in the darkest times.”

Renia began to record her observations at the age of 14 when Germany and later Russia invaded Poland. She lived with her younger sister Ariana at her grandparents’ house in the south-eastern city of Przemyśl.

She was murdered at the age of 18 when the Nazis discovered that she was hiding in an attic.

After her death, her boyfriend, a boy named Zygmunt Schwarzer, kept her diary and was able to return it to Renia’s sister in 1950. Ariana, who had since changed her name to Elżbieta, lived with their mother, Róża, in New York.


Source: Dziennik

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