DBEI: Remote Skills Programme

LOETB, in collaboration with IDA Ireland, SOLAS and Grow Remote, have created two new online national training programmes that develop the capability and capacity of those wishing to become Remote Workers, current Remote Workers and Line Managers nationally.

Both programmes below are running on an ongoing basis beginning 5th and 11th May 2020 respectively. 

1. Remote Work Ready is aimed at employees and unemployed people hoping to transition to a remote working role and is fully funded. 

2. Leading Remote Teams is aimed at Line Managers leading a team that includes remote workers. Note the managers time commitment to the programme will represent the entire company contribution to programme costs.

Start date: 5 May 2020 (Remote Work Ready) 
Start date: 11 May 2020 (Leading Remote Teams)

Duration: 7 weeks
Location: Online

For Remote Work Ready, contact: yfoy@loetb.ie and cspollen@loetb.ie

For Leading Remote Teams, contact: apoole@loetb.ie and jhall@loetb.ie

Source: DBEI

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