COVID-19 in Poland less deadly than in much of Europe: health ministry

With 43 COVID-19 deaths per million population, Poland remains far less affected by the coronavirus epidemic than many other countries in Europe, new statistics have shown.


Photo:PAP/Leszek Szymański

To compare, Belgium has 845 deaths per million residents, according to new data released by the Polish health ministry, while Britain has 667 and Spain reports 608.

The list of countries severely hit by the coronavirus also includes Italy, with 580 deaths per million population, Sweden with 558, and France with 462, according to the Polish health ministry.

The neighbouring Czech Republic has a lower proportion of coronavirus deaths than Poland, at 34 per million residents, while Croatia, the newest European Union member, has 30, one more than Lithuania, and 10 more than Greece, the new data found.

A total of 41,162 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Poland, with 1,642 deaths from the COVID-19 respiratory disease so far, public health officials announced on Wednesday.

Poland in early July reported a coronavirus death rate of 38 per million population, up from 31 in early June.


Source: PAP

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