Cost Of Living Protest May 19th at 1.00pm at the Dail

We need action to cut the cost of living

The cost of living is soaring, while most people’s incomes remain stagnant. The result is more and more people are faced with a choice of heating or eating. The Cost of Living Coalition has called a demonstration at the Dail on May 19th as the first step in building a movement to demand that the government takes action to shield people from the price increases.

We are building for a major march on June 18th.

The Coalition is made up of People Before Profit, Sinn Fein, USI, The Dublin Council of Trades Unions, The Senior Citizens Parliament, SPARK and other groups.

They are demanding action on

  • Energy Costs: Introduce price controls.
  • Public Services: Abolish charges for health, education and childcare. Bring in free public transport
  • Housing: We need a ban on evictions and a rent freeze
  • Wages and incomes: Introduce a Living Wage. Inflation proof wages, student grants, pensions and social welfare payments
  • Wealth Inequality: Bring in a windfall tax on energy companies. Tax the wealthy and the corporations. Bring in a vacant property tax.

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