Chef Jakub – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 30

This time it was sudden. I shot back to that cold place and the female figure floated formless before me. And she was not pleased. I could feel her anger and her dismay flow from her into me. And as she grew more agitated the other beings behind her chimed into her reverberation. Together the beings all formed a bellowing rumble of almost inaudible force that grew and grew, then folded outward into a broad roar that pushed me backward, away from them. It was intense, and for the first time I felt fear in that place. The cold had disappeared without my noticing and was replaced by an invisible dull glow that washed across my heart. I could feel it shake me, thrashing inside my mind and then, blindsiding me with a deafening blow, it knocked me from that place back to the cabin where Luke stood across the room holding a chair as if it were a shield. He didn’t say a word. His trembling hands said all that needed saying. I sat upright and Luke stepped back, up against the wall behind him. Recoiling from his hesitance I furled my brow and stood and held both of my hands out with my palms facing my brother. Stepping forward, my lips pursed, I blacked out.

When I awoke I was laid out on my bed with Luke writing by candlelight next to me. As soon as he saw that I had awoken he begged my forgiveness for his fear of me. Weak, but with love, I consoled him and reminded him that he had my devotion. I would have died long beforehand if I were not for him, and I shared everything that I had experience through the Blood Water. His face dropped and he me gave the look only a brother can give a brother. It said all the things I knew. And above all, it showed me through Luke’s fear that the anger I had felt in that cold place had been directed at me because of what I caused to happen to my brother. I had not protected and kept him. There and then I swore to Luke that we would return to the world stronger than we had ever been. We would source a patron and reach heights that likes of which we had never dreamt of. My brother was confused, but I could feel his relief –that was how I knew that I had followed our mother’s wishes.

To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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