Chef Jakub – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 27

I knew that Luke was scared, I was scared. But there was nothing we could do. He knew that I had killed the Imam and his guests, he knew that I had cut us off from the best opportunity we had ever had. And yet, Luke never said a word about it. He just pushed on. I can never repay him for being such a good man. Never.

As the Imam had been such a powerful figure, and a religiousleader, there were people who would have to fill his position once he was gone. A struggle to gain the position he had held began right as Luke and I found ourselves in the mountains. There began a conflict that, I am very glad to say, prevented a prolonged search for the Imam’s killer. As all the guests had died, only the attendants knew that I had been involved and because it was assumed, we later discovered, that the Imam’s death was considered to be a political assassination the attendants were executed as assumed accomplices.That his powerbase was beingfought over in the wake of his death meant that the late Imam’s people were so focused on keeping their former leader’s family alive that they didn’t have the manpower to search for Luke and I for more than a day. We had escaped. Barely.

To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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