Chef Jakub – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 24

The Imam soon had another table full of guests awaiting the next mesmerising meal. Important men all, theysat and listened to the Vizier as I gave my speech. They appeared stern and discerning, but as the Vizier spoke I could see their curiositychurninginside of them. And, of course, when a single tomato was presented to them they quaffed at it. All except the Imam, who smiled to his guests and then commenced feasting. At once, these wise and wealthy leaders of men floundered into a stupor which I had become used to witnessing. It was almost mundane by then, even as the Imam and his guests reeled in passionate swoons of culinary wonder. I needed more. It was saddening, having reached out for so long and then accomplishing something impossible, only to become uninspired by it. But there was hope. The fossil water had shown me that there were experiences that the serum and the meteorite and fossil dust could provide that food could not.

I continued working for the Imam with Luke, creating various mixtures of soil andtrolling the gambit of ingredients through the serum and its power, but inside I wanted more. While making newer and newer dishes for my patron, I alsoconcoctinga blend of fossil and meteorite dust to boil in water. Luke was against it, but I had to know. I assured him that I would dilute the mixture before taking it and reminded him that I had already experienced both the Sky Fire and the fossil water before – so I knew what I was getting into. Or so I thought.

Knowing full well that the experience I was about to undertake was dangerous, I instructed Luke in the method of preparing the serums in case I didn’t come back. I loved him. And I didn’t want anyone else to take advantage of the power and value of the serums. And so, with my brother watching over me, I sipped a cup of diluted water and let it take me where it may.

In a heartbeat I spread out. I unfurled in all directs, both inward and outward. I sprawled and pulsated with all the tidal lightness of exploratory spirit, wise and ignorant all at once. There was no fear, nor joy, there just was. There was everything. Everywhere. All time which had ever been up until that moment. All these things permeated me and possessed me whilst shielding me and nourishing me also. I felt the warmth of every star and the coldness of every moon. I knew the reverberation of every year and minute alike and savoured the unbound expansion of my soul through learning what it is to knowand feel more than I will ever be. It was an awesome and humbling experience, and yet it was also very empowering. It gave to me and took from me, but in the end I knew and that was the gift of the dust mix. I returned to Luke a changed man and spent several days pondering what had happened. I was not shaken, but my understanding of the world was. We were no longer a world of people, we were all but a temporary glint of life from then on.

To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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