Caspian Hope – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 55

“We move out, L2. These ragtags will be missed soon enough and a search party won’t be long in coming for them. Take four men over there and gather whatever you can, I’ll get us straightened out over here. We’re on the move soon as.”




“Scout ahead and find us somewhere to bed down at least two hours from here.”


“Everyone not with L2 get our gear lined up. We’re on the move in ten.”

And the hustle began in earnest. It was all hands and progress was sharp. The adrenaline still hadn’t worn off and in less than ten minutes we were marching northwest again. The land was shifting back from sand to grassland so the going was good after an hour of soft grainy footsteps. It couldn’t have come soon enough. With our bodies waning from the rush of action the firmer ground made the march less difficult.

The daytime marches were intense. We all had our eyes out on stalks searching for potential contacts and the heat even in the latter half of the day was gruelling. We all felt it, but nobody said a word. Two hours later we rested in a gully Tony had found and waited for dusk to fall into night. Once darkness came we divvied out the ammunition L2 had scrounged from our fallen foes and split into two columns; L2 at the head of one and me at the head of the other.

The final march north began with a quiet moment of reflection and my thanks to each of my men.

“We go now to docks near Atyrau and onwards to freedom. There will be patrols and there will be contacts. So keep your eyes open and your heads down. Thank you all, Gentlemen. Move out.”


To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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