Caspian Hope – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 4

When the checkpoint had been in place for two months we were due to rotate back through HQ but there hadn’t been any messenger sent. After three days of delay I began to wonder, it wasn’t like them to miss anything – but I could think of at least five reasons why they hadn’t sent someone yet. All the boys knew we were should have already been back too, but true to form not one of them uttered a word about it. By the time a week had passed I had to do something; protocol.
I chose Glynn and Ben. Both were experienced and neither of them were the type to sit still for long so it was a good fit. We loaded up the motorbike and sidecar and sent them on their way on the seventh day overdue. We knew it would take two to three days to get there and back so the next couple of days were calm. It wasn’t until eight days later when Glynn came back on foot, alone and burnt to a fucking crisp that we realized we were right in the shit.

“Get him some water, now!” I bellowed as I ran up to him, with Big Tits just behind me, pulling his canteen off his belt.

“Sir. Ben’s dead, Sir,” he coughed, gulping as he swallowed huge mouthfuls of water and poured it over his head.

“What the hell happened?”

“We got to within a mile or so of HQ when we were pulled over by a truckload of bandits. They told us they were now in control of everything north of Astana. Sir, they looked high on something, they were jumping around like maniacs when Ben got out of the sidecar. They just stuck a gun his face and pulled the trigger. No warning, no reason. I couldn’t believe it. These fucking animals don’t obey any conventions Sir. They call themselves The Shining Light Army and from what I could gather they were under control of a General Serik.”

“How did you get away?”

“Sir, they kicked fucking lumps out of me and dragged me into their truck. They blindfolded me and tired my hands behind my back, then started smoking some filthy smelling shit, joking and laughing. We trundled on for an hour or so when a storm kicked up and the truck came to a quick halt. You’ve seen those storms, Sir, you know what they’re like. They just pulled over and headed off road for the nearest shelter. So as they’re dragging me with them I managed to stich a loaf on the little bitch pulling me by the neck and I just ran. I couldn’t see a thing with the blindfold on, not that it would’ve made a difference in the storm, but I ran until I cleared a few hundred yards. Dropping down and feeling for the next rock I tripped over I cut my binds on it, then jogged on. It took hours, but once the storm passed I found my bearings. We’d already seen smoke coming from HQ before we got stopped, Sir. It was hopeless to go any further so I just started back on foot. The same truck came back on the road but I was hundreds of yards out so they didn’t see me. Sir, I’m fucked alright but they didn’t follow me, I swear. We gotta go back and get Ben’s body. He’s probably still lying at the side of the road!”

“I know Glynn. You did right coming back. They would’ve just killed you too. Go get yourself into a tent and put yourself around some food. Big Tits, go with him. Make sure he’s taken care of!”


“Get some rest Glynn, you fucking machine you! Can you believe this guy Big Tits!? Walked a week in the desert, a fucking week!! JESUS!!”

“Roger that, Sir! Come on Glynn, let’s get you some chow.”

To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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