Caspian Hope – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 35

And there I sat. I had about an hour of what a fool might describe as sleep. God I would have killed to be at home between the sheets right then, Anna’s perfume rising from her pillow next to mine. But there I was, my head resting on my pack and the stars above looking down on me as I stared into them, drifting. It was almost midnight so Longshot and Big Brin walked over to me and I gave them the all clear. Once they were off the roof I woke Kegs and together we setup with our binoculars on the western edge of the roof. In the moonlight we watched them skulk out to the shore and work their way south out of sight.

They were making good time but once they were out of sight the waiting game began. I always hated not knowing how my men were doing. I had absolute faith in them, but I’d rather be there myself to watch their backs. Each minute felt like an hour and the endless possibilities begged all sorts of distress. After what left like two or three hours, but was little more than one, they returned.

“Sir. There are plenty of boats just a few thousand yards south, but they’re under lock and key, though not heavily guarded. There are several warehouses that seem to be used for oil storage, hundreds of drums stacked up inside. The river appears to be a secondary mode of transport to get the oil to the airport as the warehouses back directly onto the water. It’ll be tight trying to get the boats out and not get followed, but we should be able to sabotage the boats we don’t need, or even destroy them entirely. We’ll have to leave in a drastic hurry too.”

“Thanks, Brin. You two have come through with flying colours. Let Kegs and Glynn know they’ll be joining you tomorrow and then get your heads down.”



“Junior. A word?”


“Right, we’re a go for tomorrow night. There’s one bit of news regarding your operation too.”


“Big Brin and Longshot found an oil depot on the river just south of here. What do you think?”

“Sir, we could blow that instead of the fuel truck but we’d have the whole county looking for us. Why not just stick to the airport?”

“Good man, Junior. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear,” I said with a huge smile. “Murphy, get over here and witness this.”


“Sergeant Joseph Christopher, I hereby issue you with a battlefield promotion and elevate your rank to that of Second Lieutenant. Congratulations, L2.”

Jesus fuck, Sir! I’m mean, Sir, thank you, Sir!” he stammered in shock.

“Congratulations, L2.”   

“Thanks, Murphy,” Junior Beamed.

“You earned it,” I added. “The operation begins at four hundred hours tomorrow. Tell everyone to prepare.”

“Sir. Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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