Caspian Hope – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 27


“What is it?”

“Sir, it’s Big Brin, he’s bit, Sir.”

What!? Is Pretty Boy seeing to him?”

“He is Sir, but he’s roughed up bad. There were snake tracks near him but whatever it was got away.”

Fuck! Ok, thanks Thumbs. Show me where he is.”


Taking me to him, all my boys were knelt around him.

Jesus Brin, you ok?”

“Sir, got bit by something. Fucking burns something vicious, Sir.”

“You look like shit, Brin, but you’re a big bastard. Just lay low and let the meds do their job.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Pretty Boy, keep that tourniquet tight. What have you given him?”

“Sir, just antibiotics and vitamins. Didn’t want to give him any morphine without your say so.”

“Give it to him. He has all day for it wear off.”

“Brin, I’m swapping you to the ambush tomorrow. You think you can shoot straight?”

“Fuck yeah, Sir! Let me at those fucks and I’ll drop every prick that comes into sight, juss leh muh aaawww…” he declared as Pretty Boy administered the poppy.

“Rest up, Brin. You have a lot of killing to get done tomorrow. Fuck that worm that gnawed on you!!”

“Shirr!” he slurred.

“The rest of you get your heads down. Pretty Boy, you watch Brin here and I’ll send relief in a couple of hours.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Big Tits. A word?”


And off we walked, leaving Brin in the safe hands of Pretty Boy. I needed to adjust the plan with Big Tits and get one of the other men to storm in from the west with Bint and Al in Big Brin’s place. I knew I didn’t even have to ask and I’d get volunteers, but out of respect for Drenten I asked for his recommendation anyway.

“I’d like to volunteer myself, Sir.”

“I appreciate your stepping forward, but I need your experience on the line at the ambush.”

 “I know, Sir. I just wouldn’t feel right asking one my team to go if I hadn’t offered to go myself first.”

“I understand, I’d be the same if I had a CO on site. But I’ll still need a name.”

“Sir, you know all these men as well as I do, but I’d recommend Murphy. He’s rock solid and I a cool cat to boot.”

“Murphy it is so.”


Thanks, Big Tits.”


To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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