Bull and… new notion of wellbeing

Firefighters in northern Poland have been called out to help in a very unusual rescue operation. 

Like a bull in a well, Pęciszewo, northern Poland.

Like a bull in a well, Pęciszewo, northern Poland. Photo: PSP Braniewo

Upon their arrival at the village of Pęciszewo they found a massive bull trapped in a five-metre-deep well, the local portalbraniewo.pl website wrote on Friday.

Confronted with the enormous challenge, the officers grabbed the bull by the horns quickly devising an ad-hoc contingency plan to help the poor creature out. Eventually, they did a bully job of lifting the animal on water hoses tied around its body, aided by a backhoe loader lent by a neighbour.

Braniewo firefighters taking the bull by the horns

 Braniewo firefighters taking the bull by the horns. Photo: PSP Braniewo

The owners said they were rather dumbfounded to find their big bull, of all creatures great and small, missing when they got up in the morning. For a time, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well, little did they know of the bull’s current whereabouts. Certainly not down their well which they thought safe enough with wooden boards laid over the dirt hole. Those, however, appear to have yielded under the sheer weight of the poor little thing.

“The bull just fell in and practically occupied most of the well. Luckily, there was not much water inside. The animal was last seen the previous evening, so it could lie there all night,” said Capt. Mieczysław Lisowski from the local State Fire Service in Braniewo, Warmian-Masurian province.

Those concerned about the animal’s wellbeing should stay reassured knowing that it emerged unscathed out of this predicament and appears to be perfectly well. It is said to have bulled quickly to a nearby field chosing not be bullied by reporters and cameras.


Source: portalbraniewo.pl, gazetaolsztynska.pl

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