Brexit Solidarity for Ireland from our European Partners

The twists and turns continue, but at least the catastrophe of a no deal Brexit seems to have been avoided. Boris Johnson’s deal is far from perfect, but it does provide a way to avoid a border in Ireland, which has been our priority.

When I met with Michel Barnier last week, I thanked him for all that he has done to articulate Ireland’s concerns with Brexit. I have no doubt that solidarity for Ireland will continue to be shown by EU officials throughout the Brexit process.

At the meeting of PES Prime Ministers and party leaders, it was clear that across Europe, our partners have a clear understanding of Ireland’s concerns and a desire to help us to overcome the economic harm that Brexit will cause.

I spoke to Jeremy Corbyn and I can understand why UK Labour will oppose Johnson’s deal, but they will also strongly oppose any no deal Brexit as they know the ruin that would cause for Ireland as well as Britain.

In solidarity,


Brendan Howlin TD, Leader of the Labour Party

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