Brassil urges Minister to roll out HPV catch-up programme

– Uptake in interest following Laura Brennan documentary –

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Primary Care John Brassil TD has called on the Health Minister to consider the roll-out of a catch up programme for girls who now wish to get the HPV vaccine.

Deputy Brassil made the call after his office received an upsurge in calls from parents inquiring about the vaccine.

„Over the past number of days my office has been contacted by a number of parents whose daughters chose not to have the HPV vaccine when it was offered to them in school, but who not want to get vaccinated against the virus.  There is no doubt in my mind that the airing of the Laura Brennan documentary on TV this week has led to this increase in interest”, said Deputy Brassil.

„Laura’s story is hugely powerful; it brought all the myths and mistruths about the vaccine into sharp focus.  Hearing Laura talk about her diagnosis, treatment and battle with cancer was absolutely heart-wrenching and it is now forcing people to really think about the HPV vaccine.  We owe Laura and her family a debt of gratitude for being so brave in a time of such heartbreak and uncertainty.

„Now that there is a rejuvenated interest in the vaccine, I believe the Health Minister should offer a catch-up programme for girls who weren’t vaccinated when the opportunity came around.  There should still be funding available for the programme, based on the fact that take up rates dropped to 50% in 2017, as a result of a campaign of misinformation.

„This money could now be used to fund a catch-up programme for girls who want to get the vaccine.  Back in 2018, the HSE rolled out a similar catch-up scheme to boost take up and I believe that we should be vaccinating girls who want to get the vaccine now but may have missed out when it was first offered to them”, concluded Deputy Brassil.

Fianna Fáil
John Brassil TD
Spokesperson on Primary Care; Kerry

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