Billions for green energy in Poland: gov’t minister

Poland will allocate some PLN 10 billion (EUR 2.25 billion, USD 2.5 billion) in funds to support a variety of green energy projects this year, a government minister has said.

Polands Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka.

Poland’s Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka.Photo: PAP/Przemysław Piątkowski

The money will go toward priorities including eco-friendly transportation, water retention, energy efficiency and photovoltaics, Climate Minister Michał Kurtyka said on Tuesday.

He added that the funds would come from both domestic sources and the European Union budget as well as the Norway Grants.

„The coronavirus epidemic requires us to seek ways to stimulate the economy,” Kurtyka said, as quoted by Poland’s PAP news agency.

“At the same time, we want the economic recovery to map out new paths for development and growth—green growth,” he added.

Poland’s president and prime minister at the end of last month urged stepped-up investment in Europe to stimulate economies and help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic.


Source: PAP

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