Another Cash for Ash, While Families Suffer in Silence.

Yet again, the incompetence of our government may have condemned nearly 4000 families to financial hardship and fearful silence.

The farming families affected have been forced into an impossible position. If they speak up, and and blow the whistle on what is happening, they put their income at risk. It is hard to call out injustice when doing so could cost you your livelihood or even your home.

As you read this article, some families are struggling to find the money to repair structural defects that have been caused by Sinn Féin and DUP incompetence. These families believed that Stormont would act legally and responsibly when they availed of a partial grant scheme called: The Farm Management Nutrient Scheme.  Unfortunately they now realise that their trust was misplaced. Affected families now face a diar choice. Option A.: They can publicly declare that Stormont has created another fiasco, a disaster on a scale not seen since the cash for ash scandal, and as a result nearly 4000 families could be stuck with leaking slurry and waste water tanks that are polluting the country side. If they call out the DUP and Sinn Féin’s reckless incompetence, they will lose farm payments and risk being fined. Option 2: Suffer in silence and try to find the money to repair these tanks themselves.

The government had a legal duty to leak test the tanks built under Farm Management Nutrient Scheme. Yet these test were never carried out. The Public Accounts Committee described the scheme that allowed these leaking tanks to be built as ‘poorly planned, badly managed and a complete waste of money.’ While the scale of this scheme’s failure unfolded under DUP and Sinn Féin ministers of Agriculture, the other parties have stood idly  by. The State’s responsibility to certifying that there was no risk of pollution. Stormont was supposed to ensure that farmers would not be saddled with the cost of yet another environmentally damaging government failure.

Aontú demands the implementation of an immediate inspection and 100% redress scheme to deal with all of these defective waste tanks.  This scheme must compensate farmers for any earnings lost due to the need for repairs and cover the costs of damage caused by the leakage from the tanks.

The DUP and Sinn Féin must stop hiding behind the smoke screen of orange and green politics. We must prove that the damage that their incompetence does to ordinary decent people will no longer be tolerated. The families affected by this scandal need help now! They do not need absentee politicians that collapse Stormont and leave ordinary descent people to pick up the pieces.


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