Stephen Fahey: What you already know

We all know it. We all see it. We all want it to change. But we have no plan. We have no leader who we can get behind. And we would get behind such a figure. But there is none. We are on our own. It is down to us to find a way. And when we do, it will be down to us to lead. But before we can even begin to find a way, we must accept that we need to find one. And to do that, first we must shed our dead skin.

Sure, we can continue as we are. We can let those few in power continue to feed off of us. We can swallow all their glittering daytime sedatives. It’s the path of least effort. We are familiar with it. It tastes nice. It’s shiny. And it’s here now. We don’t need to track it and kill it and skin it and cook it to get use of it. We can sit in our padded chairs and surf the social courtyard. Only it’s not a courtyard. It’s a prison yard. It’s our prison yard. We just don’t want to admit that that’s what it is. We all know it. We all see it.

However, and this the painful bit that we also know, we can drag ourselves from the live graves we climbed into of our own accord. We can question. We can seek. We can determine. It isn’t familiar. It isn’t easy. It isn’t comfortable or fair. And it certainly isn’t guaranteed. But it would be ours, not the paper crowns and glass jewels we think we own. We think we lack the power. We think we have entrusted that to others. But it is inside us all, right now.

Surrendering our will, as cosy as it is, is our very captivity. It binds us to a state, and not a state of fences or clay. It binds us to a state of being. Thus we are trapped. But there is a way. As individuals we are not bound or indebted to the status quo. We are entirely free to spend our only currency, our time, on each other and on ourselves. We do not need to suckle on the fashions of the hour. We will not die for lack of scrolling though media.

We know that there is no path set out. But by burying ourselves as we are told we wholly deny ourselves the chance of finding a new way. The good news is that the answer is easy, fun and highly entertaining. With all the modern powers at our fingertips we can take in whatever information we want. We can better understand ourselves or others, any others, or anything, for ourselves, at our own leisure. The overlords may claim to own our lands and our names, and even our so-called souls, but they can never own our minds.

So this day, as we all already know we can, search yourself out – for yourself. Don’t be cowed. Don’t be forced. Don’t deny yourself. And don’t fear yourself, because there is nothing in you to fear. Don’t fear uncertainty. There is nothing inherent in it to fear. It is and has always been your power. Until now the way you having been using it is by surrendering it, but it is far more useful to you if you take a hold of it and instruct it to tell you how to cook that favourite meal, or balance your books, or learn a new language. Really it doesn’t matter what you do with it, as long as it’s you that’s using it, rather than the faceless beast using it. Let that awful creature starve. It will kick and it will wail. But in the end, when you move off on our path, it will stay behind in its hovel. It can’t survive unless you give it your free will.

We need only step out from under the familiar glow. Do it. Do it for no one but yourself. Tell your children to do it, for them. Show your friends and family that it is not only OK and safe to do it. But that it is also something great and beneficial and meaningful. Be the beacon that others can find their way by. Lead. No one else will. Find a way. Seek it and you will discover it. And if there isn’t a way, you will create it. Because that’s what humans do.

Stephen Fahey

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