Stephen Fahey: Day 9

Podziel się z innymi

Today’s the day. We should have arrived home this morning. Sometimes we are delayed, but because we always radio ahead if we’re running late our absence will be noticed. When they can’t raise us on the radio they’ll send the coast guard. The helicopter won’t likely reach our last know location as pinged on our GPS until this afternoon. Nearby boats would divert to join the search. But that’s only if they are anywhere near in the vicinity, but most boats will probably already be back in port by now and our hunting grounds are miles away from everyone else’s.


We saw a jet trail in the clouds this morning. Perhaps it’s a good omen. It was our first glimpse of humanity since The Faraway Lady sank. It was more beautiful than I had ever imagined something so common could be. That silent power, so distance, so meaningful, it was enchanting. We couldn’t take our eyes off it. Nor could we help but wish that somehow it would see us and send word of our location to those who would search for us. But of course it flew on, elegant and gorgeous and unattainable.


Having seen that jet fly overhead, Fear has shrank and Hope is growing. I haven’t the heart to tell her that I know it will be tomorrow before any search party will even get where we were when we went down, let alone wherever we are now, which is no doubt many miles from our last known location. I pray that they take into account the currents and search in our direction. I am cradling Hope in my arms now as I write and remaining as calm as I can. We need to conserve our energy and not waste any of the precious water in our bodies by sweating or shedding tears. I decided to start rereading the book too. She likes it when I read aloud and she deserves to be protected. I do like making her smile. It gives me peace.

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