Stephen Fahey: Day 10

Podziel się z innymi

We have a leak! It’s not big but it’s a leak and we have no means of fixing it. Fear is enormous now. Like a horse, he’s trampling the dingy and forcing much more air out then would otherwise escape. There are bubbles gurgling at the side, on the waterline. I think something bit the dingy during the night. There’s still no sign of a search party and we haven’t seen a single vessel since being set adrift. This isn’t fair on Hope, or on Fear either. Even Fear has feelings and needs. He serves his purpose. It’s not his fault he is a savage. It’s just me that I feel doesn’t serve any use.


I still want to be rescued. Cap and Pawel and Jacek all had families. I am only young. And I haven’t had kids. But I didn’t chose to be stranded. And I know the crew would want me to survive. If I can just keep us afloat we still have a chance. I’ve already had to get out and swim to keep the leak from form getting worse. I only pray that whatever bit into the dingy last night has swam away. I am weak in body and in mind. Even my heart is tiring. But Hope is smiling now and Fear wears a muddled grimace. Help is coming. I know it. I believe it. I have to believe it.


For now I’ll keep trying to mend the leak. If we can hold on, even for one more day, we might be saved. If they come they’ll have coffee and chocolate and I’ll be able to see my parents again. I’ll be able to stand on solid ground. I’ll be able to listen to music. I’ll be able to walk into a building and not have to bear the brunt of constant sunshine. If I’m rescued I’ll keep Hope with me forever. I’ll feed her and protect her and I’ll stand by her for the rest of my days. For now, I swim. Hope lives and I live.

Brytyjczycy chcą mi

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