With so many modern distractions and obligations it is easy to lose sight of the basics. Yes, the mountains of chocolate eggs and the similarly alpine Easter Sunday feasts are wonderful pleasures, but those with whom we chose to enjoy them are all that really matters. While the outside world wants to distract us with bombardments of celebrity and gossip and fashions and automotive splendour, sitting down face to face with loved ones is, simply, real. Regardless of the occasion and siblings, sharing the time we have is all we really have in life. Now that so many of us are addicted to the solitary pleasures of our phones and other such devises, more than ever the value of unplugging with loved ones is all the sweeter. The art of conversation and the intricacies of social interaction need not be cause for alarm.

Though who wish to partake of this oddly satisfying practice need only take a big deep breath and sit themselves down with someone they find to not be irritating. Or at worst, someone they find to not be overly irritating. Next, food, or drinks, but if you have only been able to acquire someone you don’t hate rather than someone you love to share time with then drinks only is probably not best as arguments are likely to ensue. Leaving mobile devices aside, this is all there is to it. There are no special rules. There is no time limit. There aren’t even any significant accoutrements with which to perform this magical ritual.

Now, I know, some may find this archaic and mystifying undertaking to be mundane or impractical, but you need not fear. After you’ve finished you can slather the facts of the day all over social media, if the irony of doing so is wasted on you. I won’t implore you, dear fearful ones, because it is your choice. I have already said what I came to say so you decide if you want to live an actual life, one of meaningful human interactions as opposed to wasting away your brief existence mindlessly scrolling your way through yours days. Not that there is anything wrong with that, much.

If you have access to parents or grandparents, do corner them too. At first it is best to distract them with gratitude before quickly shoving a plate of something delicious under their noses faster that they can react to the unlikely and quasi-suspicious aforementioned display of thanks. This works especially well for those younger folk who are generally and often correctly viewed as mindless teenage pains in the face, neck, rear end, wallet, and soul, and well, anyway, do remember to allot at least several hours to enjoy each others’ company. Such days are too few and while you may feel uncomfortable at first, once you get past the initial stages of awkward silences and actually acclimatise, you will be bettered for your efforts.

For you who are blessed with kin decent enough to do this regularly already, voluntarily no less, do take a minute this Easter to look beyond the simmering commercialism of this Christian holiday based on a Jewish holiday based on a Pagan holiday, which, incidentally, is none of my business. Remember that we don’t always get to be with those we love, for distance or obligations or mortality or corporate heathens who care more about their mistress’s second holiday home more than the well-being of their employees, Gerry! But I digress, as we come together as families of all shapes and sizes, we observe that most ancient, most satisfying and most sacred of traditions, sharing.

So, unplug this Easter, stuff yourself into a taxidermist’s nightmare filled with chocolate and or booze and or delicious, delicious slow roasted meats that Wifey makes so damned well. Talk too much nonsense, or too little, or talk politics and war and religion and the importance of dental hygiene for all it matters, just do it with someone you care about and, if at all possible, do it face to face. Put your phone down and share a meal and your undivided time with a loved one. While you still can.

Stephen Fahey

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