Pentagon readies potential cyber retaliation against Russia: report

The Pentagon has prepared a potential cyber attack against Russia in retaliation for any meddling in American elections, according to a report.
Image: TheDigitalArtist/ Creative CommonsImage: TheDigitalArtist/ Creative Commons

The Center for Public Integrity, an investigative news organisation, reported that US military hackers have been given the green light to gain access to Russian cyber systems as part of a potential retaliation.

The Center’s report was published in partnership with the Daily Beast and Yahoo News.

The US intelligence community and the Pentagon have “quietly agreed” on a cyber attack offensive that will be launched if Russia electronically interferes with the 2018 midterm election in America on November 6, the Center reported, citing what it described as current and former senior US officials familiar with the plans.

The midterms are elections to the US Congress, governorships and local races which take place every two years.

The blueprint for retaliation against Russia is one of the first to be organised since US President Donald Trump signed an executive order in August that shortens the review process for such operations, according to the Center for Public Integrity.

It added that in 2016 Russian hackers tried to break into the election systems of at least 21 states.

The Center for Public Integrity says its mission is to reveal abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions.



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