Far fewer Poles interested in migrating to Britain: report

The looming prospect of Brexit has prompted a 16-percentage point drop in the number of Poles considering migrating to Britain for work, according to a report.
Photo: JESHOOTScom/pixabay.com/CCO Creative CommonsPhoto: JESHOOTScom/pixabay.com/CCO Creative Commons

Job agency Work Service, which authored the report, said that only 3 percent of respondents to a new survey, down from 19 percent last year, voiced an interest in leaving Poland to live and work in Britain.

Britain’s “impending withdrawal from the European Union has had a major impact on [Poles’] preferences for migration destinations,” the agency said.

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union in March.

A stricter migration policy and a continued lack of a Brexit deal between London and Brussels have caused growing uncertainty among Poles over work prospects in Britain, according to the report.

Germany continues to be the top destination for work migration among Polish respondents, the report said. However, the percentage of those interested in migrating to that country dropped by 9 points from last year to 23.3 percent.

Norway came second in the survey, with 15.6 percent of those polled saying they would be interested in living and working there.

Work Service said that “one of the biggest surprises of the report was the fact that Sweden was the third most popular migration destination” named by 14.7 percent of respondents.

“Sweden had never before been indicated by more than 5 percent of respondents in the history of research run by Work Service,” the company said.


Source: PAP

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