Don’t cut yourself off from allies, Polish ambassador urges UK

Poland’s ambassador to Britain has urged the UK not to cut itself off from its allies in Europe after Brexit.
Members of the predominantly Polish 303 Squadron, which fought as part of Britain's Royal Air Force in WWII. Photo: Wikimedia CommonsMembers of the predominantly Polish 303 Squadron, which fought as part of Britain’s Royal Air Force in WWII. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In an article for Britain’s The Telegraph, ambassador Arkady Rzegocki said: “Poland will be sad when the UK leaves the EU. But as you proceed with Brexit, keep in mind our strong links, forged in the most testing of environments.”

He added: “Deal or no deal, please don’t cut yourself off from your allies in Europe, for, as history shows, when our nations work together, they can achieve great things.”

He noted that during World War II, Poles fought in the Battle of Britain, while shared war achievements included working together on breaking the Enigma code.

He also pointed to joint military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said: “There are more than 1 million Poles living in the UK and our community, culture and history will always be part of this country. Guaranteeing the rights of Poles remains our government’s top priority in the negotiations” over Britain’s divorce from the EU, due in March 2019.

“But regardless of how Brexit goes, your country will always be of particular importance to Poland. We should therefore try to maintain close relations,” Rzegocki added.



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