Are you out campaigning for Yes?

Have you been out campaigning yet? I have, and so have thousands of other Labour members across the country.

There are just two weeks left to go in the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment.

In Galway we’ve been working hard to secure a Yes vote. We’ve been out knocking on doors, getting our posters up and engaging with people.

Last Friday we launched our campaign with Senator Ivana Bacik, and we’re working locally with Together for Yes to keep the momentum going.

The reaction has been fantastic, and we’ve had ordinary people out as far as Clifden asking for posters and leaflets, and requests from the Connemara Gaeltacht for our Irish language posters to put up in their communities.

With only 14 days left, you too can play a role – join your local canvas group and get some leaflets dropped.

If you can’t join the canvas, commit to talking to at least two of your friends and family and convince them to vote yes.

It is essential we get to as many undecided voters in the remaining days.

All the information you need is available at

In the days ahead, join up with your local Labour rep or Together for Yes and let’s ensure it’s an historic day when the ballot boxes are opened.

Let’s repeal the 8th.

Cllr Níall McNelis
Labour candidate for Galway West

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